Beyond The Garage

Garage floor coating can be used outside the garage; it can enhance any concrete space in your home.  Enhancing your concrete floor can bring a complete aesthetic overhaul to your room and make keeping the room clean so much easier.

Patio and Poolside
Revitalize your home’s exterior and make your outdoor maintenance a breeze by coating your concrete patio or poolside with our garage floor coating.  With a quick spray of the hose, your concrete surfaces will look good as new.  Concrete is much easier to care for than wood decks, too, and can add a fresh, modern look to your home.


Entryways see a lot of traffic and can be difficult to keep clean.  By applying a concrete floor seal, you can inspire a glorious entrance to your home that is easy to clean and will inspire a “wow factor” when you welcome guests into your home.


Recreation Rooms
One of the most dynamic rooms in your house is the recreation room.  Whether you have a pool table, bar, television, or play room, a top quality coating on your floor can increase the utility of your recreation room, inspire new activity, and handle years of fun and festivities.


Concrete is easy to customize and make unique for each space.  Take advantage of the reliable surface you have available and make it something distinctly you.