What is Polyurea Floor Coating?

Polyurea floor coating is a tough, quick-drying surface that’s perfect for homeowners and businesses alike and for surfaces both interior and exterior. What makes this system a top choice for our customers is its fast curing time and tolerance of extreme temperatures. How extreme? Polyurea garage floor coating can be applied in temperatures as hot as 140°F and as cold as -30°F! For commercial property owners and homeowners in the Upper Midwest, this flexibility is extremely appealing, as surfaces can be treated all year long, ensuring garage flooring is looking its best when needed.

The Distinct Advantages of Polyurea Floor Coating

A perfect coating for concrete floors, polyurea garage floor coating is a two-part material that gives the surface it’s applied to extra durability and resistance to chemicals and other potentially harmful elements. In addition to polyurea floor coating’s ability to be applied in extreme conditions, it also cures faster than any other system, meaning customers can be back to normal operation the next day instead of a typical 3-5-day curing period. This makes polyurea a leading candidate (and appealing alternative to epoxy) for businesses that need fast-drying, high-quality surfaces, especially during the harsh winter months.

  • Resists chemical damage
  • Can be installed within a day
  • Withstands multiple freeze-thaw cycles
  • Available in solid colors
  • Is 100% UV stable (no more color deterioration)
  • Has a high-gloss appearance

Partner With GFC for Superior Surfaces

Polyurea floor coating may be the perfect solution for your home or business, but it takes the right team to know how to properly cure and apply a coating that will last. The team at GFC of MN will consult with you on your surface coating options to determine if polyurea floor coating is indeed the right choice for your surface, and if so, we’ll apply it carefully and expertly so you’ll have a coating that lasts for years. Need a concrete surface that would be improved with a polyurea floor coating? Contact the experts at GFC of MN.