Increase Your Garage Floor Durability With Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Looking for a garage floor that can withstand weather, impact and traffic — no matter the season? Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota offers high-quality epoxy floor coating services for residential and commercial projects. As one of the most durable floor coatings, epoxy cures on garage floors as it is coated on. Unlike paint that has to dry, it tightly cures to its surface and results in a thick, durable finish. 

Epoxy flooring isn’t just durable, it can result in a beautiful surface, making it one of the more aesthetically pleasing garage floor applications. Resistant to scrapes, scratches and other imperfections, epoxy garage floor coating is renowned for its strength and shine, making it the most desirable garage coating product on the market today.

Protection That Lasts

The chemical makeup of epoxy can credit its remarkable strength to epoxide resin and polyamine hardener, creating a coat that is much thicker than paint. In order for the application to be successful, lots of preparation and repair needs to take place. See how Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota completes the process of preparing and applying epoxy garage floor coating

  • We prepare your garage floor for epoxy floor coating by inspecting the surface and doing a moisture test, determining if your floor is sealed or painted, and if there are any excess moisture areas. 
  • Epoxy will not stick to sealed or painted concrete surfaces, so the next step is to remove any sealers and make sure the surface is moisture-free. 
  • Our team of garage floor experts identifies any repair that needs to be done to the floor. Because epoxy is self-leveling, the surface must be completely flat and free of any cracks and dips. 
  • Once the garage floor has been examined and it has been determined it can comply with the application of epoxy garage floor coating, our team thoroughly cleans the surface of the garage floor, making sure it is free of oil and grease.  
  • The final step to preparing for epoxy flooring is profiling the garage floor and completing repairs. In order for the epoxy to flow onto the surface and form a solid bond, the pores of the garage floor must be profiled and exposed for the epoxy to flow into. 
  • Our team gets to work applying the epoxy. After a long process of mixing epoxy, coating many layers and applying vinyl cover flakes, your epoxy garage floor coating is ready to cure. 
  • Finally, after a few days of curing, your epoxy garage floor is ready for your vehicle and built to last for years to come. 

Other Garage Floor Coatings Similar to Epoxy

Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota offers various types of innovative coatings that can adapt to your home. Whether you’re looking for a flexible varnish, a salt-proof coating or a shiny, aesthetically pleasing finish, find the material that fits your needs. 


Unlike Epoxy, polyurea coating is flexible, making it able to withstand severe temperatures without peeling or cracking. It also cures faster and is 20 times stronger than epoxy, leading to a shorter installation process. 

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Polyaspartic garage floor coating offers a slightly more expensive, but more durable alternative to epoxy. Although both coatings are extremely durable, polyaspartic has been recognized for its low VOCs and fast-drying qualities. 

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Polished Concrete

As a more traditional garage floor coating, polished concrete is easy to maintain and install, as well as affordable. Excellent in high-traffic areas, they are similar to epoxy with their durability while reducing allergens and toxins.

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Easy Maintenance

Epoxy floors make life easier for their users because they are much simpler to clean and maintain than traditional garage floors. Although epoxy floor coating is resistant to stains, scratches and dirt, you will want to maintain your epoxy floor’s shine. Just use a dust mop once a week and occasionally wipe your flooring down with a wet mop to maintain its shine and gloss.

Seasonal Durability

Perfect for Minnesota winters, epoxy garage floor coating is moisture-proof and salt-resistant, making it cost-effective over long-term use. Instead of starting each spring with an eroded, damaged and crusty garage floor from months of salty tires and boots, start the new season with a glossy garage floor. During the summer months, the vinyl on your epoxy floor coating won’t fade. UV-resistant and guaranteed not to blister or flake, epoxy flooring is weather-resistant to heat and humidity.

Brighten Up Your Garage With Trusted Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Minnesota

When you’re looking for a product that is as high-quality, long-lasting and easy to maintain as an epoxy floor coating, you want quality care and precise application to match it. Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota provides premier and customizable epoxy garage floor coating services that bring quality to your home and produce a garage floor that’s meant to last, withstanding wear for years to come.

If you’re interested in transforming your garage floor with epoxy garage floor coating in Minnesota, request a quote today or reach out to our team at Garage Floor Coating and together we can produce a care plan that caters to your garage floor needs.