Rycon is a highly versatile and functional roll-on waterproof membrane that imparts exceptional waterproofing, flexibility and shock absorption advantages to many existing surfaces. As a superior moisture and stain-blocking material – with outstanding ability to span seams and cracks – Rycon is also an excellent installation surface for GFC Systems as well.

Rycon is a single component and zero VOC coating that exhibits excellent bonding power on concrete, concrete block, wood, backer board, drywall, fiberglass, metal and plastic, etc.

Interior and exterior applications on concrete, concrete block, plywood, drywall, tile, tile backer board, fiberglass, etc. As a pliable waterproof membrane, Rycon is used to block intrusion of liquid water, as well as transmission of moisture vapor and stains.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent water and vapor blocking
  • Up to 600% elongation
  • Spans cracks and seams
  • Stays flexible in sub-zero temperatures
  • Blocks stain transmission
  • Water submersible
  • Does not support mold growth
  • Fast dry time (30 – 60 minutes)
  • Paintable
  • Roller or spray application
  • Ready to apply

Multiple Uses:

Rycon is an excellent solution wherever added protection from water and vapor are desired:

  • GFC Floor and Wall Systems where a water-proof underlayment membrane is desired
  • Flooring Overlayment applies protective water-proof membrane to tile and hardwood
  • Wood – part of a water-proof deck coating system
  • Basement Walls – blocks water vapor transmission
  • Adhesion Promoter for smooth interior concrete
  • Shower Enclosures – and more
  • Balconies – to halt moisture transmission
  • Foundation Walls below grade