The Importance of Commercial Concrete Services


Have you ever walked into a business with floors that are falling apart? A problem like this tends to stick out like a sore thumb and can ruin a customer’s experience. Presentation matters, no matter what industry you work in, so it’s worth exploring commercial concrete services. Your company’s building is an investment for the future — installing durable interior and exterior concrete floors has a wide range of benefits.

Fewer Injuries

Quality concrete lowers the risk of slips and falls because it is resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling. Even if you’re careful with every step you take, your employees, customers and clients may not be. Uneven surfaces can lead to serious injuries and, along with them, serious lawsuits. Even if your insurance covers falls on your property, negligence with maintenance can lead to a less favorable settlement. That leads to less money in your pocket as insurance rates rise. You can take extra precaution against slips by installing exposed aggregate concrete on exterior surfaces, as it features extra traction for all weather conditions.

An Improved Look

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but almost nobody thinks old and damaged concrete is a good look for a building. You can give your customers a great first impression by transforming your concrete with a polish or stain. When you take care of every detail, the overall aesthetic quality of your building improves. Whether you’re an apartment landlord with a concrete patio or a restaurant owner with a large dining floor, a new flooring finish adds depth to a flat surface. What’s more, staining and polishing your floors adds a touch of personality to set your company apart from competitors.

Extra Toughness

At GFC, we pride ourselves on repairing and replacing floors, with results that last decades. A durable floor is able to stand up to everything you throw at it — foot and vehicle traffic, UV light, snow, ice, chemicals and more roll right off of a premium floor coating. We utilize a polyhybrid method that leads the industry in longevity and appearance, and our commercial customers know we stand behind our product. Instead of replacing your floors every few years, it makes sense to get one that lasts several times as long.

If you take pride in your business, you owe it to yourself to get floors that reflect quality service. Winter is the ideal time to make a flooring improvement that invites plenty of compliments. When your interior and exterior floors look good, it lays the groundwork for an enjoyable experience. The only thing better than attractive floors is when they last much longer than you anticipated. Check out our commercial flooring services to see what we can do for your business to make it stand out from the crowd. You might ask yourself why you didn’t get to it sooner.