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Garage Floor Services in Minnetonka

Give your home or business a flooring upgrade with our garage floor coating services in Minnetonka. We offer a wide range of systems, colors and styles so you can get a floor that fits in while also standing out. If your surface has seen better days, our concrete repair services in Minnetonka can give it a timeless transformation.


Customer satisfaction is always our top priority at GFC of Minnesota. We want to make your flooring vision a reality, so our team makes planning a priority. Whatever your wants and needs are for your flooring, we can help you get the results you’re looking for. And if you are interested in financing your new surface, we can provide that too.

Product Features

Reliability is one feature you can never compromise on when choosing a floor coating, so we take steps to ensure your floor features top-of-the-line protection. Our specially formulated Clear Coat is designed specifically for Minnesota’s tough climate and eliminates the need for frequent replacements year after year. Go with a coating that stands up to chemicals, UV rays, scratches, moisture and extreme temperature.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About GFC

Holly Madden wanted to bring out her garage floor’s full potential, so she contacted our team to get concrete repair services in Minnetonka. In order to create the look she had in mind, we recommended the Liquid Stone system. This type of floor is perfect for anyone who takes aesthetic appeal seriously, and it is designed to last a lifetime. Rather than needing coating reapplications year after year, Holly can easily maintain her new floor without having to worry about peeling.

Great work. Job looks fantastic. We are very pleased. The company is very professional and so are its employees.



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