Why Ice Dam Removal Matters

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There’s no denying it, winter weather has finally arrived in the Midwest. The new season brings snowflakes, freezing temperatures and, sadly, ice dams. These frozen monstrosities are the bane of many homeowners’ existence. They form when snow melts on a rooftop and the water runs towards the edge, where it freezes. Before ice dams wreak havoc on your life, consider professional ice dam solutions. That way, you’ll avoid these common mishaps:

Broken Gutters

Ice water is heavy–really heavy. Weighing in at 60 pounds per cubic foot, it is sure to put stress on your gutters. There’s nothing worse than coming home to see that part of your home has literally fallen off. Gutters fail because they’re designed for flowing rainwater, not a behemoth of an ice dam. Keep your home in tact by taking action when you first notice a dam forming.

Leaky Roofs

The edge of a roof is the beginning of your problems with an ice dam. The frozen water that forms a dam backs up any melted water behind it. This means the water cannot drain properly and only has one place to go–into your home. If you have any crack in your roof or poor insulation ice dams are even more of a concern. The water can flow into your attic space and damage ceilings and walls. Stop the water before it finds a way in!

An Invisible Threat

Not all ice dams are easy to spot. Sure, you’ll know when one is forming due to the icicles along your roof. But others are completely invisible from the ground. If you have a roof with skylights, an ice dam could be form right behind it without you knowing. The valleys in your rooftop are sometimes a concern as they can be obstructed and impossible to see. A professional can inspect your roof and identify problem areas that aren’t immediately obvious.

Do-it-yourself Dangers

Your first instinct when you see an ice dam might be to climb up and remove it yourself. This line of thinking is where injuries begin. It’s easy to underestimate how slippery a rooftop in winter can be. Not only are you competing against the ice, you are competing against gravity. One wrong step and down you go. Even worse, chipping away at ice yourself can easily damage your roof. Leave it to ice dam removal professionals to safely remove the ice.