Types of Garage Flooring to Choose From and How to Pick the Right One for Your Home


The day you get your new floor is exciting – it’s the culmination of a decision-making process to create a surface that’s uniquely yours. At GFC, we are known for our high quality flooring with industry-leading technology, but another area we excel in is selection. When you call our team to design your new concrete floor, we walk you through a step-by-step process to help you choose the perfect floor for your space and budget. Your floor is a lasting investment, so getting the right one for your situation is important. Learn about our flooring options before you choose one that works for you:

Bronze System 

This is our most affordable type of flooring, and it has a 2-step installation process. Although the process is relatively simple, homeowners with a Bronze Flooring System enjoy increased concrete density at a fraction of the price of more extensive options. We begin by cleaning the surface with industrial-grade deep concrete high-pressure sprayers. Next, we spray a layer of clear coat on top of the floor to create a chemically resistant surface that lasts. This coat features the stain color of your choice, but you can choose to retain the original concrete coloring if you prefer.

Silver System

The Silver System flooring is built with a two-step process that adds some extra durability to your floor. Our team applies a lasting prime coat that toughens the base level of your flooring by filling the pores of the concrete. This step eliminates moisture penetration, and is the reason a GFC floor won’t fail after repeated exposure to water. We finish the job with a topcoat in the color of your choice. This process adds protection against the elements, and leaves you with a floor you can’t wait to show off.

Gold System 

Each higher level of our flooring systems features an extra step – our Gold System flooring utilizes two layers of polyhybrid coatings and one polyhybrid clear coat on top. Between the two types of coatings, we include a medium to heavy spread of UV-protected vinyl chip to add visual appeal to the look of the floor. This premium floor is chemical, scratch, and UV resistant, so your floor will look brand new well into old age. The Gold System features a 10-year warranty for added protection.

Diamond System 

The Diamond System is similar to the Gold System, but it comes with a full spectrum of vinyl chip and an extended warranty. That means you have more options for floor customization with the Diamond System than you’ll get with other flooring types. There is an array of colors to choose from, and you can easily find one that perfectly fits into a room or matches the exterior of your home. You still get the same great protection from the elements, along with the added benefit of a strong warranty.

Platinum System

A beautiful space deserves a top of the line floor. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our Platinum System flooring. The five-step installation process incorporates our entire wealth of product knowledge and expertise for a stunning look with incredible durability. Starting with two layers of our polyhybrid formula, we follow up with a healthy coating of vinyl chip. After applying this strong base, our experts install not one but two layers of our polyhybrid clear coat formula. We have so much confidence in this flooring system that we provide a lifetime warranty along with it.

When you’re looking for a floor, you have to consider a variety of factors including price, look, durability, and installation team. You can research flooring types for hours, but the best way to choose the right system is to compare them with your own eyes. We are happy to show you what goes into our industry-leading flooring at our New Hope, MN showroom. Here you can browse all of our systems and colors to see what fits best for your personal tastes and matches your home’s décor. Contact our team today to learn more about our flooring options and find the perfect surface for your home.