Multi-Use: Making Your Garage More Than Just a Garage

All areas of the home serve a purpose – especially the garage. The point being to keep your vehicle or vehicles protected from the outside conditions. But unlike other areas of your home including the bathroom, your garage doesn’t necessarily need to serve a single purpose. Aside from vehicle storage, the options are numerous.

Companies that started in a garage…

Did you know that many of the world’s top companies were actually started from a garage? Such businesses include Google, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard and yep, you guessed it, Apple – a fact that proves garages indeed have much more to offer.

So in what other ways can you use your garage? Before getting started, consider some ideas and some coating options that can enhance your garage visually, all while adding more quality to the floor:

A garage can be the perfect area to set up your home gym. Heavy workout equipment that either wouldn’t fit in your home living area can otherwise fit accordingly in your garage space.

  • Coating Considerations: Coating designs that feature the colors of your favorites sports team can set the tone of your newly furnished garage gym.

We already mentioned that many companies were started in a garage, so a garage can also be the perfect area to set up your new home office.

  • Coating Considerations: A home office calls for a professional-looking atmosphere, making solid coating colors an obvious choice. However, dependent upon what industry you work in, a variety of our many options could make a great fit (i.e. our gold system, diamond system and quartz).

Game Room
Whether you plan to put a tennis table, air hockey table or a vintage arcade machine in the area, garages can make the perfect home location for gaming fun.

  • Coating Considerations: Like a garage gym, sports coatings are a great choice for your game room as well. Other coatings you may want to consider for this area include liquid art, quartz, etc.