Keeping a Clean Garage Floor This Winter

winter concrete

There’s no denying it – winter will be messy. Glistening coats of snow will quickly become a dull mix of salt and dirt – A mix that will inevitably find its way into your garage. What can you do to keep your garage floor in pristine condition when flakes fall? Maintain a beautiful garage floor this winter with these easy tips:

Cover your tracks with garage floor mats

A garage mat is a simple solution to a messy problem. Every time you drive your car or truck into your garage, you’ve got company. Whatever was on the road is now on your garage floor. Salt, slush, dirt and mud are just some of the debris that will stick to tires and then your floor. Floor mats will absorb the mess so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up later. We offer a variety of mat sizes to match your specific vehicle requirements.

Get cleaning

If you don’t have a garage floor mat or need to clean the areas around it, take an afternoon to get rid of the mess yourself. Start clearing the area by removing anything that isn’t anchored. This will help prevent any water damage. Vacuum or sweep your floor, making sure to get rid of any dirt that has accumulated. Next, mop your space with a mixture of hot water and liquid dish soap or laundry detergent. Remember to wring your mop so you don’t end up with puddles of water! After you’ve washed the entire garage, go over the floor again with a dry mop to soak up the water and dirt.

Get someone else cleaning

If you’re pressed for time or just want the deepest clean possible, GFC offers convenient garage floor cleaning services. Our experts will come to your home to provide a powerful high-pressure wash that removes any traces of stains or dirt. This option is available to everyone, whether you have one of our coatings or not. There really is no excuse for a dirty garage this winter!

Keeping a clean garage during the winter is about more than just appearance; it’s a safety and maintenance issue. Prevent slips and falls by removing unwanted ice and snow that’s sometimes hard to spot. Avoid concrete deterioration by removing chemical compounds that can take a toll on your floor. Whatever you do, don’t wait until spring to clean!