Exposed Aggregate Concrete Advantages

gfc aggregate

If you’re looking to install concrete outside your home or business, you’ve probably come across a product known as exposed aggregate. You may be wondering how it differs from more traditional concrete applications and why you should choose this rougher surface for outside your home. Exposed aggregate is simply concrete minus the outermost layer. This type of surface reveals the aggregate below. While not as smooth as your typical concrete, exposed aggregate provides many benefits for home and business owners.

Rugged Surface

GFC aggregate 3

If you need concrete that can handle the harsh elements of the Midwest, exposed aggregate has the strength you’re looking for. Extreme weather is no match for a type of concrete that’s built to withstand. Exposed aggregate has the same durability as the concrete it’s built into. When that’s our concrete, you know you’re set for decades. For those who need a surface that lasts, exposed aggregate is the answer.

Decorative Look

Perhaps the most obvious appeal of exposed aggregate is its beautiful decorative effect. With a wide variety of size, color and texture variations, every exposed aggregate installation is unique. The surface creates the perfect complement to your home or business exterior. The stones’ varied shapes and sizes add depth to your concrete. Exposed aggregate is visually interesting, especially when you choose colors that are unexpected for concrete. Even better, maintaining that look is a breeze – you only need to hose the concrete down with water every few weeks.

Variety of Uses

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You probably won’t want a bathroom with exposed aggregate flooring (if you do, more power to you!), but there are other areas that are ideal for this type of surface. If you have a pool, exposed aggregate helps to prevent slips and falls – that’s especially important if you have children. Patios look great with exposed aggregate, and set the stage for grilling, picnics and other outdoor activities. Any type of walkway is perfect for exposed aggregate. Which leads us to one very important factor:

Prevents Skids & Slips

There’s nothing worse than slipping and falling when it’s rainy or icy outside. Not only is slipping slightly embarrassing, it can be dangerous. If you’re prone to falls, you can either be extra careful all the time, or you can get exposed aggregate. A coarse surface is just what you need to stay safe. While a fall leaves a bruise, your tires can leave skids on uncoated concrete over time. Exposed aggregate accounts for the problem, as it is skid resistant.

Finding the right concrete customization isn’t just a needs-based decision; it’s also a matter of taste. Many homeowners want to give their surface a finishing touch that turns heads. Exposed aggregate stands the test of time and sets your concrete apart. Homeowners across the Midwest have many concrete exterior concrete options, but exposed aggregate absolutely worth considering.