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Garage Floor Services in Mankato

If your concrete damage feels like a lost cause, choose GFC of Minnesota’s concrete repair services in Mankato to revitalize your surface. Our coatings provide you with the look you want and extend the durability of your surface. It only takes one coating to add decades to the life of your concrete.


We are passionate about attractive and durable concrete, and one of our main motivators is the look on customers’ faces when they see their completed projects. Our experts provide attention to detail you just don’t get with most businesses. We believe the floor of your dreams is possible; it just takes a superior product and excellent customer service to make it happen.

Product Features

We set the bar for quality concrete coatings that stand up to it all. Our unique polyhybrid coating formula withstands snow, ice, UV rays, chemical spills and more. With our garage floor coating services in Mankato, you can be certain your floor will look good for years to come.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About GFC

Ted needed a new garage floor that would stand up to everyday use while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. When he learned about our flooring system options, he decided on the Diamond System for its chemical, UV and scratch-resistance properties. Not only did the coating change the look and functionality of his floor, it also improved the overall ambiance of the garage. Our four-step installation process ensures that every detail was accounted for in this flooring upgrade.

Very happy with the job on my garage floor. Everyone was great.


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