10 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Garage Floor Coating

When shopping for a new garage floor coating, it is important to be informed about your investment. Many companies out there claim to be well equipped for any job, but you should be sure about their competencies before contracting their services. Use this list of questions when you are choosing your contractor to ensure you are getting the best garage floor coating and installment service possible.

  1. What kind and brand of coating do you use?

Your contractor should be knowledgeable about the products they use and be able to tell you where their supplies come from, as well as being able to provide any contact information you may want.

  1. May I see or take home the technical data sheets for the products you use?

The industry requires that your contractor have “technical data sheets” for all their products. These sheets describe the specifications of the products in full. If your potential contractor cannot or will not give you these data sheets, you probably want to look for an alternative contractor.

  1. Are you certified with the coating supplier to apply these coatings? May I please see your training certificate?

In order to have the best quality floor finish, the products used need to be applied correctly and effectively. The products on your floor will only be as good as the person that applies it. If your flooring professionals say they are certified, ask to see their certificates. For instance, all of our Installers are Manufacturer Certified based on ISO 9001:2008 Standards and participate in yearly training opportunities.

  1. Is the level of volatile organic compounds (vocs) in the products you use low or zero?

Today, the best products in the industry are also environmentally friendly. However, be wary of companies that use older products that do have unsafe levels of VOCs. This information should be available on the technical data sheets or with a simple phone call to product suppliers.

  1. Is the company that supplies your coatings an EPA lead safe certified firm?

If the products are not from an EPA lead safe certified firm, think very carefully about pursuing it. Lead is extremely hazardous to your health.

  1. Can you do a one-day process?

Generally, top quality flooring is not completed in one day. However, if you absolutely need the process to be finished in a day, the answer to this could make the decision for you. The current condition of your concrete floor is an important consideration when determining the length of your flooring process.

  1. How do you test for moisture on the subfloor? What is the specific brand on the moisture meter that you use?

Testing for moisture is a critical step in the flooring process. If your contractor does not test for moisture, you definitely want to find another company. The Tramex brand moisture meter is the tool recommended by the National Society for Protective Coatings and will provide the most accurate readings.

  1. Do you offer a polyurethane topcoat?

This question will help you distinguish if a company really knows its industry. Polyurethane is highly flammable and should never, EVER be used as any coat in a garage.

  1. How do you handle existing cracks in the concrete?

Repairing a current crack in the concrete is one step in the new flooring process. Elastomeric crack treatments will provide a flexible surface to apply the new coat, so cracking doesn’t continue after your floor has been applied.

  1. What is Your Warranty?

Make sure your flooring carries a warranty, just in case any issues arise. You should be able to enjoy your new floor for many years!